vocal album. all new songs written in 2011 and 2012, vocals recorded in 2013, mixed in 2014. remixed in 2020 for a clearer sound, less 'dull.'
this album was inspired by 'dead planet' - a collaboration with my darling nihilist, who gave me some very lo-fi mono tape recordings of piano and vocals.
the rest of the album came because of me liking this sound so much. mainly bass guitar, a few keys and synths, real and electronic drum sounds.
very lo tempi and dreamy pianos. no third party loops or samples.

track listing. click to play:
if the truth about yourself makes you weep / and indulge in a week of denial
then slaughter the one who dared to say it / then you're the wrong kind of mad
the worst kind of madness is the kind / when you don't know that you're mad
the worst kind of madness is the kind
when you're entirely unaware of just how crazy you are.
if your kids can't speak openly to you/ and you don't listen when they try
and they have to 'manage' the relationship / then you're the wrong kind of mad
if you don't know when you're being embarassing / or when your jokes aren't funny
and you're unaware when you hurt someone / then you're the wrong kind of mad
if you're not aware that you're mad / and resist the very idea
and fire anyone who hints at madness / then you're the maddest of all
it can all solved with education / but education can't compete with cool
and you can't educate someone / who thinks they already know it all

education, education, education / whenever you mention the ills of the world
it can all be solved with education / you think that you can educate it all away
but there's too much out there / that's far more powerful today

having the knowledge that taking drugs / can hurt you won't hold you back
when your cool mates call you a coward / and when the girls are laughing at you
tell some poor kid who always got / beaten at home and excluded at school
that the heroin is going to kill him / can he resist when his cool is on the line?

when you're unhappy, be careful who you tell it to
sometimes your misery can make them angry
they think you want something that they cannot give
your story of suffering sounds like an accusation
misery antipathy - why are you so angry / because i told you how unhappy i am
misery antipathy - whay are you leaving me / because i told you i can't take any more
when life so frequently becomes too much to bear
all you are looking for is someone to listen
you're not expecting them to solve everything
no more than half an hour of human compassion
maybe a lot of them are only hanging on
if they don't think, they can pretend to be happy
and when you insist that life is hard to bear
you're going somewhere that they would never dare
we want the economy to fail / and youth unemployment to rise
everyone's pensions to be slashed / and hospitals to kill all their patients

when the government has a good idea / and their policy pleases the public
that's the thing that we hate to see / because it takes us further from power

we want the people to be unhappy / oh please may they be suffering now
so they decide to bring down the government / and elect us instead

we want the people to be afraid / to lose all their money
to be denied medical treatment to be robbed and beaten in their homes

to be mugged in the streets / to be assaulted in alleyways
so they vote for us instead / and don't think too hard - thank you x factor

i walk towards and look away / not wishing to intrude
i move through the crowd with eyes averted / and avoid interaction
i can't meet your eyes / because of the barriers erected between us
i can't meet your eyes / because of the distance that's growing between us
online i don't have to look at you / i feel safer and relaxed
i trust that you're who you say you are / that you have pure intentions
our priveleged western nations / are ever more insular
and now we rely on social networks / to bring us closer together
i want to give you this warning / it' s also a plea for mercy
your opinions have power over me / your opinion of me has more power still
the most painful and personal insult / you could possibly have given to me
was to convince me that i was capable of / hurting you insensitively
because i feared that it was true
a certain high-powered female / please don't question my perfomance
it's hard to breathe or shape my words with you
i can never be a worthwhile man in your eyes
it might be had to believe me / when i talk of being overwhelmed so easily
i know i offer resistance / but it affects how i feel so deeply.

i won't think about the news / i won't be anxious about the planet
i won't disbelieve politicians / while i have my material universe

 if i can manage not to think about anything then i will
if i can manage not to think about anything then i won't

i'll push my kids to succeed / i'll do my utmost to be famous
i'll beautify myself / and feel that life is worthwhile

forget the dead zones where nothing lives / forget the deserts we caused ourselves
don't think of waste that we bury daily / and fill your minds with entertainment

she likes the attention she receives from men / it makes her feel good about herself
it makes her feel so beautiful and wanted
she likes to imagine what they're thinking about her
why does she hate it when you flirt with another girl
because when you flirt, you're thinking about them
she knows what you're thinking about them
you can't deny what you're thinking about them
she hates the attention that he gets from girls / it makes her bad about herself
it makes her feel so ugly and unwanted
she hates to imagine what he's thinking about them
have you ever felt the pain of jealousy / don't make your loved one suffer that
if you feel you deserve to be admired / by everyone you meet, you're always wrong

i'm starting to switch people off / i'm starting to alienate the mob
i'm contaminating the crop / i'm fasting for the people of ... dead planet

they're not confiding anything / i'm not lying in anything / i'm not hiding anything (repeat)
i'm starting to feel uncivilised / i'm starting to realise
i'm refusing to compromise / i'm starting to open my eyes

they walk, but on a path arranged for them / they talk, but say what they're expected to
they live, but only as the world dictates / they breathe the air that slowly poisons them they seek the sutonomy that condemns / they choose the life that so abruptly ends

i'm starting to switch people off...